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The Best Summer Skincare Tips for All Skin Types

Did you know: your skin changes with the weather?

It’s true! Many people keep the same skincare routine year round, but what works for your skin in the colder months may not work in the summer. Those living on the east coast experience a dry winter, calling for more moisture from products, while the humid summer might mean a necessary oil blotter paper restock. However, the west coast experiences a typically dry summer with more humidity in the winter months. No matter the case, it is important to listen to the signs from your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

Above all, we recommend choosing quality products that are safe for your skin and promote the preservation of its natural functions over time. We want you to flaunt a youthful glow for years and years. Following the following tips this summer is sure to put you on the right track!

Wear Sunscreen Daily

This is an important tip to follow all year round, but especially during the months you spend outside in the sun. Sun damage can result in fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, sunspots, discoloration, pigmentation and even skin cancer. Sunscreen can block a majority of UV rays from harming your skin, protecting you (to an extent) from all of these reactions. It is always recommended to limit your time in the sun or be sure to wear a hat to shade your face from harmful effects.

Reminder: reapplication is key! Always remember to apply and apply again every two hours you spend exposed to the sun. This will keep your skin healthy throughout the summer, ensuring you have a fun and safe time in the sun.

Keep it Vegan

We cannot say enough how important it is to know what is in your skincare products. Vegan products are more than just a trendy name; they ensure that your skincare is free from harmful chemicals, animal testing or ingredients that may cause a negative reaction to your skin. Choosing vegan treatments means choosing products that are natural and employ holistic elements to improving the look and feel of your skin.

Ingredients like coconut milk (a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal product) and passiflora fruit extract (a natural moisturizer) are featured in our Induction Therapies products for your skin’s comfort, health and safety. Especially when exposed to summer heat, it is important to be sure you are not using chemicals that may adversely react to such weather and elements.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the biggest skincare mistakes is overreacting to blemishes and breakouts. Especially when you are experiencing extra sweat, oil and hormonal changes during the summer, it is important to be patient with your skin rather than bombarding small imperfections with an inordinate amount of product. Trust your treatments and trust your skin to heal itself with time.

Once you find a summer routine that works, stick to it. Overdoing your skincare may cause your skin to become dependent on products or adversely, may cause your skin to break out further from reactions to harsh products used in heat and with sweat. Be thorough, but let your skin’s natural oils do some work for itself.

Find a Moisturizer that Works

If you are going to change one of your products seasonally, this is the one! As your skin reacts to a change in weather, typically you will notice a change in its natural oil production. To regulate dry summer skin, you will need to choose a moisturizer that rehydrates, while oily summer skin may need a serum to even it out.

We recommend: Induction Therapies Coconut Milk Moisture. This product contains coconut milk, which balances moisture in the skin while providing detoxification, and ellagic acid for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging properties. This is a perfect light moisturizer to add to your summer routine.

Use Spot Control

Rather than using 25 different products at once to fight sudden blemishes, we recommend finding one really great spot treatment to combat stubborn zits immediately. This is your go-to treatment that you know works, so you can set your mind at ease and keep your skin safe throughout the summer.

We recommend: Induction Therapies Dr. Zit. This spot treatment roller is easy to carry around and works fast to heal blemishes and leave your skin flawless. We even recommend it for stubborn teenage acne breakouts – it’s that good!

Clean up Your Diet

Many people underestimate the influence of diet over skin health. Fatty foods, fried food, a diet high in preservatives, sodium and sugars all cause skin to break out and pores to clog. What you eat affects every aspect of your health, so this summer commit to a clean diet.

Choose leafy greens, fresh fruits, natural grains and, most importantly, home-cooked meals. Knowing what goes into your meals is most important in keeping your body and your skin healthy all year long.

Listen to Your Body

This is the most important tip we can give you: your body knows best! If your skin feels dry, add some natural moisture. If you feel your skin burning, find some shade. If you struggle with scarring, schedule a microneedling session instead of clogging your pores with heavy makeup. Choose a routine and product line that will help keep your skin happy and healthy, and change those products as your skin asks for something different.

Collagen P.I.N. and Induction Therapies are dedicated to providing you with quality skincare products and microneedling tools to promote skin that is bright and youthful for life.

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