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+ Ferulic Acid • Vitamin E • Pro Vitamin B5

Ensure Aesthetic Results

and Brighter, Healthier Skin

Stabilized vitamin C is critical following many aesthetic treatments due to its potential benefits for skin healing, collagen nourishment, and protection against oxidative stress.

C20+Fe provides powerful antioxidant support with a blend of synergistic ingredients to help brighten complexion while nourishing conditions for clearer, healthier skin.

• Waterless formula ensures longer shelf-life

• Non-sticky, lightweight texture

• Potent, 20% L-Ascorbic concentration

• Suitable for use post-procedure

• Samples available at request.

Good C Serum

Is Your "C"

Still Effective?

When a “C” serum turns brown, the product has oxidized and the vitamin C within has degraded. Using an oxidized serum can lead to reduced efficacy and potential irritation. 

“C” serum oxidation leads to the breakdown of various ingredients and the formation of various compounds, some of which might have adhesive properties, causing the product to become “sticky”.

When vitamin C oxidizes, it can produce new compounds, some of which might have an unpleasant smell. The formation of these degraded ingredients can contribute to changes in odor over time.

 When a “C” molecule breaks down due to oxidation, the serum looses its penetrative power and ceases to deliver intended benefits.

Good C Serum

Products to Pair with C20+Fe

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