Patient Testimonials

“The Collagen P.I.N. has offered me the one and only treatment that has changed my face. I’m finally clear of acne with no tiny red scars remaining, much smaller pores, and my skin is tighter and more vibrant! The most amazing part for me was how comfortable the treatment was.

I was even able to go out to dinner later that same evening with friends. I never thought I would be comfortable not wearing foundation.”

– Ashley

“I’ve recently received three treatments with the Collagen P.I.N. and have had great results. I noticed a difference in my acne scars and overall complexion within 1-2 days. My co-workers commented on how smooth and healthy my skin appeared one day after the first treatment. After each treatment I was a little red for about 3 days, a little dry and light peeling. I returned to work the next day with little to no pain. I would highly recommend the Collagen P.I.N. treatment to anyone wanting to enhance their appearance; it truly does make a difference.”

– Andrea

“Dear Angelia,

I’ve used you Induction Therapy product for two weeks and am amazed at the difference it has made.  The appearance of my skin is now hydrated and it has taken on a more youthful look.  

The tinted sunscreen is unbelievable and I no longer feel it necessary to wear a base makeup.  I have received so many compliments from friends asking me what I have been using.  Some of my close friends have asked if I have had any “work” done.  The eye cream is the best I have ever used without question!

I have used many products from doctor’s offices and cosmetic counters.  The marked improvement of my skin is amazing as a result of using the combination of all your products!  I am one happy customer.

Thank you Angelia and Induction Therapies for creating the most effective line of skin care I have ever used.”

– Judi

“I Just tried the charcoal mask last night! C2, WHICH I LOVED! AX5, But i mostly use it for spot treatment since the Collagen Accelerator. 

My new FAVORITE combo is C 10 & Collagen Accelerator. BEST most luxurious feel and makes my skin feel so smooth! Such a vibrant completion between those two. 

Seriously. I’ve tried other skincare. and doesn’t hold a flame to IT.  I worship it!”

– Justin

“… Loving your new skin care products… the PRR 80 could win awards for best new product – great results!”


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