Success Stories

Patient Testimonials



“I’ve recently received three treatments with the Collagen P.I.N. and have had great results. I noticed a difference in my acne scars and overall complexion within 1-2 days. My co-workers commented on how smooth and healthy my skin appeared one day after the first treatment. After each treatment I was a little red for about 3 days, a little dry and light peeling. I returned to work the next day with little to no pain. I would highly recommend the Collagen P.I.N. treatment to anyone wanting to enhance their appearance;it truly does make a difference.”



“The Collagen P.I.N. has offered me the one and only treatment that has changed my face. I’m finally clear of acne with no tiny red scars remaining, much smaller pores, and my skin is tighter and more vibrant! The most amazing part for me was how comfortable the treatment was. I was even able to go out to dinner later that same evening with friends. I never thought I would be comfortable not wearing foundation.”

“The most amazing part for me was how comfortable the treatment
was. I was even able to go out to dinner later that same evening.” with friends”
-Ashley, patient

Medical Provider Testimonials

Dr. Donald Clemons

Dermatologist, TN

“I have been extremely satisfied with my Collagen P.I.N. purchase. I have used it both with and without PRP treatments without any difficulties. It is easy to use, and my results are very consistent & reproducible. My aestheticians are enjoying the device. The device has plenty of power to treat even the most damaged skin. It’s also cordless and corded which allows for even more power when needed. My patients are very happy with their results after just one treatment. Improvements in tone & texture, “glowing”, reduction in fine lines & wrinkles, & large reduction in smoker’s lines, is what I keep hearing from all my NEW referral business. I would enthusiastically recommend Collagen P.I.N. to any practice that would like to incorporate micro needling.”

Karen W.

Medical Aesthetician, Dr. Marc Salzman

“I have performed many micro-needling treatments with my Collagen P.I.N. and absolutely love it! I had purchased another micro-needling device prior, and had issues with it. The Collagen P.I.N. is a much stronger device, and is both cordless AND corded, which I absolutely adore. It’s very easy to use, and has such a broad spectrum of what it treats, and can be used on nearly anyone. The different cording and extra power abilities, combined with the multiple needle tip options, clearly makes this the device of choice, hands down!”

Kathy, Co-Owner

Renovus Medspa

“We were approached by several micro-needling device companies, but were more confident in our decision with the extra cord, higher rpm’s capability, and overall results of the Collagen P.I.N. Our patients are getting incredible results right after the first treatment. It has quickly become our favorite and most requested service. My aestheticians enjoy performing the treatments, but the ultimate win for me as an owner, is the increase in my business thru patient referrals.”

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