Doctor Testimonials

“Microneedling (with Collagen PIN) has literally revolutionized my laser practice.

I routinely use it to improve perioral rhytides, enlarged pores, and a variety of scars.”

Dr. Tina Alster – Clinical Professor of Dermatology, DC


“I have been in aesthetic medicine for more than a decade and have retailed every major line of medical skincare available. I was introduced to the option of private labeling products when I invested in the Collagen PIN microneedling system and it started out as a post-procedure kit for healing skin. I was so impressed by the quality of the ingredient profile and the feedback from my guests that I expanded to a few additional products and my retail took off from there! I now am exclusive to retailing private label through Induction Therapies. Their products have transitioned my practice, building loyalty and tremendous brand recognition. I love having a product line that is safe, effective, affordable and EXCLUSIVE.”

Meredith Harris, Nurse Practitioner and owner


“I have been extremely satisfied with my Collagen P.I.N. purchase. I have used it both with and without PRP treatments without any difficulties. It is easy to use, and my results are very consistent & reproducible. My aestheticians are enjoying the device. The device has plenty of power to treat even the most damaged skin. It’s also cordless and corded which allows for even more power when needed. My patients are very happy with their results after just one treatment. Improvements in tone & texture, “glowing”, reduction in fine lines & wrinkles, & large reduction in smoker’s lines, is what I keep hearing from all my NEW referral business. I would enthusiastically recommend Collagen P.I.N. to any practice that would like to incorporate micro needling.”

Dr. Donald Clemons – Dermatologist, TN

“We were approached by several micro-needling device companies, but were more confident in our decision with the extra cord, higher rpm’s capability, and overall results of the Collagen P.I.N. Our patients are getting incredible results right after the first treatment. It has quickly become our favorite and most requested service. My aestheticians enjoy performing the treatments, but the ultimate win for me as an owner, is the increase in my business thru patient referrals.”

Kathy, Co-Owner, Renovus Medspa

“I have performed many micro-needling treatments with my Collagen P.I.N. and absolutely love it! I had purchased another micro-needling device prior, and had issues with it. The Collagen P.I.N. is a much stronger device, and is both cordless AND corded, which I absolutely adore. It’s very easy to use, and has such a broad spectrum of what it treats, and can be used on nearly anyone. The different cording and extra power abilities, combined with the multiple needle tip options, clearly makes this the device of choice, hands down!”

Karen W – Medical Aesthetician, Dr. Marc Salzman

“Just wanted to say… my skin looks amazing… we are selling your products like Hot Cakes!!!! Please thank Angelia !!! … She has created an AMAZING LINE !!!”

Donna Ward – Dermatologist, IN


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