Hyperpigmented Skin Type Kit


A comprehensive regimen designed to reduce the visible signs of hyperpigmentation.

Cleanse IT Gentle Daily Wash (120ml)

A-X-T-6 TCA & Tranexamic Acid Skin Renewal Serum (50ml)

(AM) Color Correcting Skin Brightening Serum (30ml)

(PM) Youth Engaging Skin Serum (30ml)

More Information


This four-piece regimen is designed with highly effective formulas to balance and brighten the appearance of pigmentation without causing excess irritation. When used consistently, this regimen will help reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Directions For Use

Twice daily wash face with Cleanse IT using warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Then, follow with a light layering of Advanced AX5 to deliver the benefits of Tranexamic Acid (TA) and Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA).

(DAYTIME) Once absorbed, follow with a light layer of Color Correcting Serum and follow with your normal routine.

(NIGHT) Once absorbed, follow with a light layer of Youth Engaging Skin Serum to reap the benefits of micro-encapsulated All-Trans retinol while you sleep.

NOTE: It’s important to always incorporate a Broad Spectrum SPF to prevent further hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.

Key Ingredients


Caprylyl Glycol – Derived from rich fatty acids and deep conditions the skin.
Tranexamic Acid – Powerful ingredient that prepares the skin for product penetration while delivering anti-aging and brightening benefits to the look of the complexion.
Trichloroacetic Acid – Minimizes the appearance of pores while improving the look of skin discoloration and texture.
Alpha Arbutin & Kojic Acid – Potent ingredients that brighten the appearance of the complexion and enhance the look and feel of skin tone and texture.
All-Trans Retinol – Non-irritating levels of micro-encapsulated all-trans retinol soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.