Microneedling Surgical Scars

Microneedling surgical scars is a great option for many patients. Surgical scars are an unpleasant visual reminder of a procedure that was necessary or elective. They are the result of a planned incision, but doctors cannot always control how much scarring takes place. The positive aspect of surgical scars is that they are the body’s natural response to damage and a sure sign of healing. 

A scar’s appearance is due to the buildup of collagen fibers, known as fibroblasts, that are generated to protect and heal the damaged skin. The type of scar tissue that develops after a surgery is for the most part based on genetics. While some patients are prone to experience raised or hypertrophic scars, others may be prone to flatter, discolored scars. 

Most scars are likely to fade over time, but many procedures and treatments are available to speed up healing a bit and reduce a scar’s appearance. 

One such treatment is microneedling. The process of a microneedling treatment involves a small handheld device that delivers many very small, fine needles into the affected skin. The depth of the needles’ penetration into the scar is adjusted according to the severity and size of the scar.  

The impact of the needles creates tiny wounds in the skin that stimulate the formation of additional collagen. The typical patient will experience light (almost imperceptible) bleeding, redness, and swelling immediately after the microneedling procedure.  

The skin, however, usually heals very quickly and is back to a normal appearance within two to three days. Most patients trying to reduce the appearance of scarring require a series of microneedling treatments; the exact number of treatments is, of course, dependent upon the severity of the surgical scar.  

Microneedling surgical scars has been proven to provide positive results. Although no method currently exists to completely erase surgical scars, microneedling most certainly improves the tone and texture of the scarred area. 


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