Showdown: Injectables vs. Micro-needling

When a patient comes to you with a desire for younger-looking skin, there are several treatment options you can offer. Rising in popularity are dermal injections and micro-needling — two procedures that are both effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Depending...

The Importance of a Nighttime Skin Care Regimen

The right skin care regimen can be hard to figure out. Most of us know that it’s good practice to wash our faces on a daily basis, but regarding exfoliating, moisturizing and anti-aging, we’re at a loss. Even more of a mystery is nighttime skin care, which many believe should be the same routine...

Guilt-Free Beauty: Why Vegan Cosmetics are Better

Beauty and health trends are all cyclical and all cause for major debate. Is a gluten-free diet right for people who do not have a gluten allergy? Is a diet low in animal protein sustainable for active humans? What does organic really mean? With words like vegan floating around, it is hard to know w...

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