Induction Therapies is a 100% Paraben FREE Medical Skincare line formulated to help skin function in a healthy manner and restore it to a natural, healthy state with minimal to no irritation. Induction Therapies is a leader in stabilizing formulations that in the past, have never been stabilized.

Induction Therapies offers the first ever stabilized Retinol and TCA product Youth Engaging Skin Serum (YESS) that helps to reduce the signs of aging and lift out pigment. Dr. Zit offers the benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid together in one easy-to-apply roller ball applicator that can be used all over or just as a spot treatment.

Please call our office for complimentary samples and to have a representative visit your office.

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Induction Therapies Collagen P.I.N.