Your Ecommerce

Tired of losing skincare sales to the internet?

Introducing your own personal warehouse, distribution and shipping center.


Available exclusively from Induction Therapies.

We do all the work, you receive the revenue!

How it works:

      Induction Therapies provides a plug-in for your website that instantly connects to our

warehouse and distribution center.

      Patients can be enrolled at the time of visit and/or can enroll themselves through a

unique link for your practice.

      Induction Therapies warehouses your private label product, ships direct to the patient

and then sends you the revenue.

3 tiers:

Bronze: Must carry a minimum of 8 products.

Silver: Must carry a minimum of 16 products.

Gold: Must carry a minimum of 24 products.


•Pricing begins at $199.00 per month for the Bronze package.

• When you sell approximately 4 products per month, your profits will offset the fee.

• This fee covers all the hosting, maintenance, reporting, warehousing and distribution.

•When you reach $10,000 in sales per month, the fee will be waived.

Speak to your Induction Therapies representative today or call 877.746.4407!

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