Next-Level Skincare: Products & Tips No One is Using, But Should Be

Most people choose their skincare products based on whether they can feel it working. When you apply toner, does it burn? When you scrub your face, does your exfoliating product feel almost too harsh? Do your blemishes have an immediate adverse reaction to your spot treatment?

These all might be signs that the product you are using is working, but they also may not. We all become so easily accustomed to damaging our skin to induce improvement rather than strengthening its functions to avoid damage in the first place. We have some tips for you that can help you avoid the painful products and give your skin the healthy help it needs to become stronger, clearer and more youthful.

Go Vegan

Typically, vegan products contain more plant-based nutrients and ingredients that provide soothing and healing for the skin as well as natural anti-bacterial properties. They may not, however, guarantee that you are not damaging your skin. It is still important to read ingredients lists and know what you are putting in your body (or ask your physician to explain).

Vegan products might not ensure that you are keeping your skin from harsh chemicals, but they do promise that innocent animals are kept from dangerous testing and that we are contributing to the health of our planet. Part of becoming a more sustainable society includes reducing the amount of animals we raise merely for harm and slaughter, and far too many are being used to test dangerous products. Going vegan means a healthier planet and a healthier you.

Reduce Harsh Chemicals

Let’s talk parabens. So many of your skin care products likely contain parabens, unless you are aware of the risks you take by exposing your body to the chemical. While there is no guaranteed tie, there is a strong positive correlation between parabens and the development of breast cancer. Parabens are naturally estrogenic, and it has been proven that exposing yourself to external sources of estrogen may increase your risk of breast cancer. Avoiding these chemicals in your skincare products, something you put on your body daily, can prevent you from developing a fatal disease.

Use Induction Therapies

The Induction Therapies line of skin care products, microneedling gels, acne support and now makeup primer and sunscreen, uses all vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free (for our Celiac sufferers) ingredients to give patients the highest quality care without the harsh burn or environmental damage.

Induction Therapies has been dedicated to revolutionizing the skincare game and helping everyday men and women ditch the heavy concealers and show off supermodel-flawless skin. With a product line that supports anti-aging, post-procedural care and even breakouts, we cater to the patient who truly loves their skin.

Are you a physician? You can sell our Induction Therapies line of products with your very own customized label: our product, sold and branded in your practice’s name. Give your patients the quality products that they deserve. To learn more, call us today: (877) 746-4407.

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