Guilt-Free Beauty: Why Vegan Cosmetics are Better

Beauty and health trends are all cyclical and all cause for major debate. Is a gluten-free diet right for people who do not have a gluten allergy? Is a diet low in animal protein sustainable for active humans? What does organic really mean? With words like vegan floating around, it is hard to know what it means to choose certain products and why they are preferred, if not just for marketing reasons.

We are here to set the record straight: vegan beauty products are better, for you, for sustainability and for animals that may be affected by the consumer-driven beauty industry.

Why? Here are some of the many benefits of switching your daily skin products to an all-vegan line:

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

When you check the ingredients on your skincare products, it is common to find words you cannot understand or pronounce. While it is a complete fallacy that you should be able to recognize every scientific term on an ingredients list, it is important to take a look at what some of those words might mean for your skin.

We, especially women, typically expose our bodies to nearly 500 different chemicals on a daily basis through cosmetics, which can affect everything from hormonal balance and weight fluctuation to skin irritation and even brain damage. Products containing chemicals like butylated hydroxytoluene and formaldehyde can have damaging affects on your skin, causing irritation and possibly affecting your body’s immune system. Choosing vegan products eliminates harmful chemicals from the picture and ensures you are only putting onto your body natural, safe elements.

Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

In the same way that avoiding harmful chemicals is good for your entire body, vegan products are also safe for sensitive skin of all types. Most vegan products are designed to work with your skin’s natural tone to regulate, clean and hydrate, rather than to fix what is wrong and override your body’s natural functions. Products like coconut milk have anti-bacterial properties (who would have thought?) that can be just as beneficial to your skin as the chemicals designed to mirror the same effects, minus the irritation, rashes and burning!

No Animal Testing

While not everyone is, or needs to be, an animal rights activist, it is important to know how the products you use affect the greater ecosystem of our society. The chemicals used to create mass amounts of skincare products (for brands like L’Oreal and Dial) can cause pollution during production. Further, animal testing has very few limitations, and innocent rabbits, mice, hamsters and dogs are often severely injured from the products and the process by which these products are tested. Chemicals are poured into their eyes to add to the list of warnings on items like mascara, which can still cause harm to your own face. Thinking about another living thing suffering for the sake of eyeliner seems like a risk not worth the reward, especially when there are so many great vegan products to choose instead.

Free of Obscure Animal By-Products

Did you know: some of our most popular cosmetics feature ingredients like insect extracts (think, snail slime), uric aid from cows, even fish scales?

Why use these when you can enjoy pampering your face with fruit extracts and natural oils to stay beautiful?

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