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Anti-Aging: How Micro-Needling Is Changing the Game

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It’s no secret that aging is inevitable, but recent modernizations have made it so that patients can slow down the natural aging process and maintain their youthful skin. In the past, anti-aging techniques meant surgery, which is effective, but comes with invasive incisions and long recovery times. BOTOX and dermal fillers also come into play to provide subtle enhancements to the skin, but require touch-up appointments, as the injections are only temporary.

Many patients do not wish to undergo surgery and are hesitant to deal with the high maintenance required for injectable treatments; yet, they still desire a natural remedy for younger-looking skin. The solution is micro-needling, which Induction Therapies has developed through use of the Collagen P.I.N. There’s no incisions, no downtime and no injections – only the patient’s natural collagen building process that works to heal the skin and remove flaws and imperfections that we attribute to aging skin. Micro-needling is completely changing how doctors and patients view anti-aging treatment, and it is steadily taking the cosmetic industry by storm.

What Is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a cosmetic treatment that works to improve the texture and tone of the skin. The Collagen P.I.N. consists of small needles that you glide over the epidermal layer to create microscopic punctures in the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. These healing agents naturally begin to restore the micro-injuries that have been made as well as the damaged skin cells responsible for wrinkles and poor skin texture, leaving patients with smoother skin and an even-toned complexion. The small channels created in the skin by the Collagen P.I.N. also allow for topical anti-aging products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and allow physicians the ability to adjust levels of penetration to suit the area of skin being treated.

Popularity Is Steadily Climbing!

Although many patients may not understand the procedural details of micro-needling, there is a good chance they have at least heard of the treatment, with its ever-increasing presence on online platforms. It’s a trendy buzzword that has found itself written about in the likes of Allure’s recent August 2016 issue, but unlike many fast fads, it actually exceeds the expectations of doctors and patients alike, and we believe it is here to stay.

Micro-needling carries many benefits, one of the most significant being its little to no downtime once treatment is completed. Patients can return to their normal daily routine as soon as they leave your office. Additionally, the micro-needles only require the body’s natural healing properties to rejuvenate the skin as opposed to injectable treatments, which merely mask imperfections for a short period of time. Laser treatments also don’t compare since micro-needling involves no heat and therefore no risk of skin pigmentation. The recovery time after micro-needling is just days, whereas injections and laser treatments can be weeks. The Collagen P.I.N. actually makes skin healthier by boosting collagen levels, and patients can continue to see results from their micro-needling treatment for up to one year. It’s effective on all skin types and is gentle enough to be used on all areas of the body.

Collagen P.I.N. is changing the game, and Induction Therapies is here to ensure your results are maintained with great skincare! If you would like more information about micro-needling with the Collagen P.I.N. or to request a demo, call 877-756-4407 and schedule a consultation.

Why Results Matter Most: What Patients are Saying about Microneedling

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When choosing new services to offer in your own practice, it is difficult to make an informed decision with your patients in mind, without getting feedback from those patients. With so many microneedling tools on the market, which one do you choose? Why is one more effective than another? What are the elements you should be looking for?

One of the most important elements of a tool to assess is does it work. What kind of results are patients getting from a particular machine, and how can you guarantee such results?

With Collagen P.I.N., you can give your patients the flawless results they have been looking for, while keeping them safe. Our device flaunts the following features that set it apart from the competition:

  • Disposable, surgical-grade needle tips
  • Faster speeds for the quick penetration of our 36-needle head and half the time for each treatment
  • Adjustable depth capabilities for customized treatments
  • Our tool can be used corded or cordlessly, depending on your needs

We could tell you all day why you should choose Collagen P.I.N. as your microneedling device, but we think our patients say it best. Here are some reviews we have received regarding treatment results:

From the Patients…

Patients rave that Collagen P.I.N. offers a treatment that truly works. A reviewer, Ashley, told us, “Collagen P.I.N. has offered me the one and only treatment that has changed my face. I’m finally clear of acne with no tiny red scars remaining, much smaller pores, and my skin is tighter and more vibrant!” She even boasted that the treatment was comfortable and painless and gave her the ability to step out of the house without makeup on. We love hearing from patients whose confidence is improved because of our device.

Another patient who received a successful treatment, Andrea, wrote after three treatments with Collagen P.I.N., “I noticed a difference in my acne scars and overall complexion within 1-2 days. My co-workers commented on how smooth and healthy my skin appeared one day after the first treatment.”

From the Doctors…

The physicians who have chosen to add Collagen P.I.N. to their cosmetic menus have also seen results in patients and in their wallets. Dr. Donald Clemens, a dermatologist in Tennessee told us, “The device has plenty of power to treat even the most damaged skin. It’s also cordless and corded which allows for even more power when needed. My patients are very happy with their results after just one treatment. Improvements in tone & texture, glowing, reduction in fine lines & wrinkles, & large reduction in smoker’s lines, is what I keep hearing from all my NEW referral business. I would enthusiastically recommend Collagen P.I.N. to any practice that would like to incorporate micro needling.”

He is not the only physician who has boasted results after only one treatment. Kathy, co-owner of Renovus Medspa tells us, “our patients are getting incredible results right after the first treatment. It has quickly become our favorite and most requested service.”

Improving Your Practice

To see before and after photos from Collagen P.I.N. treatments, click here.

If you would like to learn more about how our treatments can take your practice to the next level, call us today at (877) 746-4407. We would love to help you become part of our family of physicians and give your patients the quality treatment they deserve.

The Best Summer Skincare Tips for All Skin Types

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Did you know: your skin changes with the weather?

It’s true! Many people keep the same skincare routine year round, but what works for your skin in the colder months may not work in the summer. Those living on the east coast experience a dry winter, calling for more moisture from products, while the humid summer might mean a necessary oil blotter paper restock. However, the west coast experiences a typically dry summer with more humidity in the winter months. No matter the case, it is important to listen to the signs from your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

Above all, we recommend choosing quality products that are safe for your skin and promote the preservation of its natural functions over time. We want you to flaunt a youthful glow for years and years. Following the following tips this summer is sure to put you on the right track!

Wear Sunscreen Daily

This is an important tip to follow all year round, but especially during the months you spend outside in the sun. Sun damage can result in fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, sunspots, discoloration, pigmentation and even skin cancer. Sunscreen can block a majority of UV rays from harming your skin, protecting you (to an extent) from all of these reactions. It is always recommended to limit your time in the sun or be sure to wear a hat to shade your face from harmful effects.

Reminder: reapplication is key! Always remember to apply and apply again every two hours you spend exposed to the sun. This will keep your skin healthy throughout the summer, ensuring you have a fun and safe time in the sun.

Keep it Vegan

We cannot say enough how important it is to know what is in your skincare products. Vegan products are more than just a trendy name; they ensure that your skincare is free from harmful chemicals, animal testing or ingredients that may cause a negative reaction to your skin. Choosing vegan treatments means choosing products that are natural and employ holistic elements to improving the look and feel of your skin.

Ingredients like coconut milk (a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal product) and passiflora fruit extract (a natural moisturizer) are featured in our Induction Therapies products for your skin’s comfort, health and safety. Especially when exposed to summer heat, it is important to be sure you are not using chemicals that may adversely react to such weather and elements.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the biggest skincare mistakes is overreacting to blemishes and breakouts. Especially when you are experiencing extra sweat, oil and hormonal changes during the summer, it is important to be patient with your skin rather than bombarding small imperfections with an inordinate amount of product. Trust your treatments and trust your skin to heal itself with time.

Once you find a summer routine that works, stick to it. Overdoing your skincare may cause your skin to become dependent on products or adversely, may cause your skin to break out further from reactions to harsh products used in heat and with sweat. Be thorough, but let your skin’s natural oils do some work for itself.

Find a Moisturizer that Works

If you are going to change one of your products seasonally, this is the one! As your skin reacts to a change in weather, typically you will notice a change in its natural oil production. To regulate dry summer skin, you will need to choose a moisturizer that rehydrates, while oily summer skin may need a serum to even it out.

We recommend: Induction Therapies Coconut Milk Moisture. This product contains coconut milk, which balances moisture in the skin while providing detoxification, and ellagic acid for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging properties. This is a perfect light moisturizer to add to your summer routine.

Use Spot Control

Rather than using 25 different products at once to fight sudden blemishes, we recommend finding one really great spot treatment to combat stubborn zits immediately. This is your go-to treatment that you know works, so you can set your mind at ease and keep your skin safe throughout the summer.

We recommend: Induction Therapies Dr. Zit. This spot treatment roller is easy to carry around and works fast to heal blemishes and leave your skin flawless. We even recommend it for stubborn teenage acne breakouts – it’s that good!

Clean up Your Diet

Many people underestimate the influence of diet over skin health. Fatty foods, fried food, a diet high in preservatives, sodium and sugars all cause skin to break out and pores to clog. What you eat affects every aspect of your health, so this summer commit to a clean diet.

Choose leafy greens, fresh fruits, natural grains and, most importantly, home-cooked meals. Knowing what goes into your meals is most important in keeping your body and your skin healthy all year long.

Listen to Your Body

This is the most important tip we can give you: your body knows best! If your skin feels dry, add some natural moisture. If you feel your skin burning, find some shade. If you struggle with scarring, schedule a microneedling session instead of clogging your pores with heavy makeup. Choose a routine and product line that will help keep your skin happy and healthy, and change those products as your skin asks for something different.

Collagen P.I.N. and Induction Therapies are dedicated to providing you with quality skincare products and microneedling tools to promote skin that is bright and youthful for life.

Providers: if you are interested in stocking our products in your offices, call us today at (877) 746-4407 to learn more about our brand and acquire an order form.

Patients: if you are interested in our products and treatments, click here to find a physician near you who can provide you with the best skincare being made.

For more information, to see before and after images or to read reviews, visit our website today!

What Does P.I.N. Actually Stand For?

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By now, you have probably seen the abbreviation, P.I.N., scattered throughout our website, or perhaps you have heard about it through word-of-mouth. Whatever the case may be, it’s a label that is often recognized, but not wholly understood in its entirety by physicians. So to clear up any confusion, we’re here to break down exactly what P.I.N. is and why it stands out from its competitors.

In short, P.I.N. stands for Percutaneous Induction Needling, which is another way of phrasing micro-needling. Essentially, the Collagen P.I.N. is an automated micro-needling device that works to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate imperfections that make the skin appear older. When applied to the skin’s surface, the P.I.N. induces collagen and elastin production deep within the dermis, which replaces the damaged skin cells with newer, healthier cells that help patients look more youthful.

The Benefit of Automated Micro-Needling

As the skin continues to age, fine line wrinkles, age spots and acne scarring become more apparent, which only increases issues with a patient’s self-image. Oftentimes, patients will desire treatment that helps them regain smoother skin, but without the use of invasive surgical techniques. Collagen P.I.N. is the ideal compromise, allowing patients to achieve younger-looking skin in a nonsurgical, minimally invasive manner. The fact that the system is automated makes it less damaging to the skin than more traditional methods, such as dermal rolling and laser treatments.

Using the Collagen P.I.N. to glide over the skin’s surface, you will create controlled, micro-injuries onto the epidermal layer of skin, signaling both collagen and elastin production. These healing agents repair these fresh injuries as well as the imperfections in the skin caused by natural aging, thereby smoothing the epidermal layer and strengthening the dermis to protect against future wrinkles. Micro-needling also creates avenues for other age-defying serums and creams to be more effective by giving them better access to the deeper layers of skin.

Additionally, the automated feature makes treatment with the Collagen P.I.N. completely customizable with its adjustable needle depth that allows you to penetrate and treat the skin in a manner that is most effective. Depending on the area being treated, the thickness of the skin can vary, making an adjustable penetration depth essential and allowing you to target all regions of the skin (something that cannot be said for dermal rollers). Sensitive areas like the upper lip, forehead, receive the same quality treatment as thicker areas such as the cheeks and softer areas around the eyes. Since there is no heat involved in a micro-needling treatment, there is no risk of pigmentation issues.

The Collagen P.I.N. is also completely cordless and corded, giving you more flexibility as you perform micro-needling procedures and ensuring that the battery life remains long and constant. Your treatments will be quicker and more efficient, a benefit for both you and your patients. For more information about how the Collagen P.I.N can improve your patient care, contact Induction Therapies today at (877) 746-4407.

Dump Your Summer Skin Care as You Head into Fall

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You probably have a working knowledge of your skin type (dry, oily, somewhere in between?), and you likely purchase skin care products to accommodate the specific qualities in your skin.

Although it’s true that you should choose skin care products that work for your individual skin type, that doesn’t mean you should use the same products year-round. As the seasons change, so does your skin, and even though you might believe you have oily skin 365 days per year, drier seasons can make those oily-to-normal skin care products obsolete.

As we head into fall, it’s best to lose your summer skin care and choose products that will boost skin hydration as the weather becomes cooler. Here’s why you’ll want to switch.

Why Separate Skin Care?

Environmental elements change as the year progresses, which can impact the hydration and overall texture of your skin. Warmer weather during the summer months tends to produce oilier skin while winter weather conditions are harsh and will likely dry it out.

And it’s not just the weather – your diet changes along with the seasons as well, which can effect your skin in a similar fashion. Certain fruits and vegetables that contain the antioxidants your skin craves are only available during the summer months, making it necessary for you to incorporate them into your skin care routine in the fall and winter with antioxidant rich products.

How Can You Make the Switch?

Switching up your skin care system according to the weather will help your skin remain vibrant all year long and keep it protected from the environmental elements in each season. Rather than simply tolerate your pale and dull complexion in the winter, you can use heavier moisturizers and cleansing oils to give your skin an added glow.

Likewise, you don’t have to look as though you’re in a constant sweat during the summer; you can use lighter formulas for more sensitive skin that eliminate those unwanted oils. As you move from colder climates to warmer ones, use less of your winter products and slowly add in the skin care items that you would use for summer. Combine them until the weather is warm enough for you to make the switch fully.

Don’t pay so much attention to the days on your calendar and switch your products according to the exact date that a season changes. Instead, gradually add in or substitute products in your skin care regimen off of the changes in weather that you are personally experiencing for the climate you live in. Depending on where you are located, warm weather may last through what would typically be viewed as autumn, or it’s possible that you experience spring-like weather year-round. Either way, adjust your skin care to the temperatures that occur each month so that your skin stays properly moisturized.

By switching your summer skin care as you enter into the fall season, and vice versa, you’ll notice that your skin remains moisturized and healthy all year long. And if you’re looking for select skin care products that improve your skin, Induction Therapies offers a full product line for a variety of skin types.

For more information about the products we offer and how they can benefit you and your patients’ skin, contact 877-746-4407 and request a demo today.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, but the good news is that more and more women with breast cancer are living longer and surviving from a disease that is known to be the second leading cause of death in women.

When it comes to trends in breast cancer, the team at Induction Therapies likes to focus on one in particular: that there is a gradual decline in breast cancer occurring in women, which should give us all hope that a cure is on its way.

But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that there are women today who are or have suffered from breast cancer, and we acknowledge them too. There’s an inexplicable amount of strength, vulnerability and determination that comes with a cancer diagnosis; at Induction Therapies, we truly commend those who have fought and continue to fight through one of the most unforgiving diseases in the world.

The impact of breast cancer on women is stifling. It’s a disease that comes with an incredible amount of emotional twists and turns, from the most tenacious and hopeful to the bleak and helpless.

We want to talk to you about the many effects breast cancer has on patients and their families as well as the ways you can aid in preventative care and how Induction Therapies can help you get there.

The Many Faces of Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is not one that a patient eases into. Finding out that you have breast cancer is high-impact, where one moment you’re going about your day and the next you’re trying to absorb the fact that your life is at stake.

There are so many challenges that come along with such a sudden diagnosis, including the right way to inform your friends and family and determining the best methods to shape how others view you. Many patients struggle with the outpour of sympathy that they receive when before they were so accustomed to being a normal, healthy person like everyone else.

As cancer treatment begins, physical exertion changes. What was once an easy activity, like walking the dog or driving to work, can easily become tiring and strenuous. Watching your body change so rapidly can be jarring for many patients who are diagnosed and undergo aggressive treatment.

Other challenges include discussing the disease with individuals who may not understand a patient’s plight along with the overall stress that occurs when a patient has to assume their role as a mother, a friend or partner while also contending with cancer.

The side effects associated with most cancer treatments can also be difficult to bear and affects cognition, appearance, physical ability and mental health. It’s important for physicians, patients and families alike to understand what cancer is capable of as well as how women can continue to fight when faced with it.

Prevention Starts with You

Most cancer is treatable and beatable when discovered early; the sooner a patient is able to begin treatment, the more promising a positive outcome can be.

Therefore, it’s up to physicians to educate women about cancer prevention, which includes discussions about annual mammograms for women between the ages of 40-49 or every two years for women ages 50-74.

However, cancer isn’t unknown in younger women, although it is more rare. Teaching younger women about the importance of annual appointments with their OBGYN where they can receive a breast examination and learn ways to perform examinations on their own will ensure that the health of their breasts remains a priority.

As a physician, you understand the impact education can make when it comes to creating optimal results in patients, and breast cancer awareness is no different. By educating your patients about the importance of breast health, you are contributing to the gradual decline of cancer diagnoses.

Prevention also includes coping mechanisms for women who have already been diagnosed with cancer. Studies show that women who take on a more positive outlook for their diagnosis are stronger when fighting cancer and ultimately beating it. The more women acquire positive coping methods after being diagnosed, the more capable they are of passing on their methods to other patients and building a network of strength. Group support, group therapies and staying active with personally enjoyable activities along with general acknowledgement of their condition are just some of these positive coping mechanisms.

Another coping mechanism that patients seek is support from friends and family where everyone adopts a mentality that doesn’t involve feeling sorry for one’s self. What many patients come to realize is that strength is not only the ability to fight, but also the willingness to be scared, vulnerable and unsure about what’s to come.

How Collagen PIN Can Help

When grappling with a cancer diagnosis, one of the side effects that we tend to forget about is the change that happens or will happen to a patient’s appearance. These transformations to the body are part of the fight against cancer, but can also contribute to the many debilitating feelings that the disease creates.

Many women take pride in their appearance, and to watch it change so suddenly can be a shocking and unwelcome realization. Scars can form after surgical procedures and the stress that comes with medical treatment can age the skin profoundly.

Induction Therapies offers skin care solutions that treat many of the conditions a woman may face when battling cancer. We recommend our C10 and YESS serums, which are specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of pigmented spots, reduce appearance of scars, stimulate collagen production, and address fine lines and wrinkles that may appear during or after treatments.

Both products, combined with a regular skincare routine, will eliminate damaged skin cells and provide lasting rejuvenation over time. The ingredients used in each skin care solution are vegan, paraben free and gluten free, making them ideal for skin types that are more sensitive due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

As we continue to rally behind the women currently suffering from breast cancer and applaud those who have survived, we also need to continue educating our patients about the importance of preventative solutions as well as the treatments that will help restore the mind and body after cancer has been diagnosed.

For more information about what we offer at Induction Therapies and how we can improve your practice, call (877) 746-4407 and schedule a demo and consultation.

Our 2016 Conference Calendar

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Summer is the busy season for dermatological conferences, and we will be represented at many of the top locations, hoping to meet all of you and show you why we are so excited about our product.

Collagen P.I.N. is a top of the line microneedling device, with a 36 needle pin and the option for cordless or corded. Our device has been proven to provide better results in less treatments than competing microneedling tools, and we would love to show you how!

When paired with our Induction Therapies vegan, gluten free and paraben free skincare line, the improvements seen can multiply. We create products that compliment microneedling treatments, products to be used during microneedling and facial cleansers and serums for daily skincare needs.

Meet us at any of the following conferences through the rest of the year to learn more about how Collagen P.I.N. is changing lives through safe and natural skin treatment:


The Aesthetic Show –
July 7-10
The Wynn, Las Vegas

The American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting –
July 28-31
Hynes Convention Center, Boston


The Meeting –
Sept 23-27
Los Angeles Convention Center

Sept 20 – 24
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Maui Derm Fall Meeting –
Sept 29 – Oct 1
Omni in Asheville NC


Nov. 10-13, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Cosmetic Surgery Forum –
Nov. 30 – Dec. 3
The Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV


A4M –
Dec 9-11
The Venetian | Palazzo Resort, Las Vegas, NV

Contact Us

To get in touch with Collagen P.I.N., call us today and learn more about our products, obtain an order form or find out how you can connect with a representative.

(877) 746-4407

Skin Cancer Prevention: What You & Your Patients Need to Know

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The summer months are the harshest on the skin when it comes to preventing cancerous cells and melanoma. Sunburns affect the skin more harshly than even the redness might show, and it is especially important to educate your patients about ways to prevent skin cancer during hours of extended exposure to UV rays.

If your patients are looking for ways to improve their skin during the summer, prevent burns and cancerous growths and/or reverse damage already done over the years, we have some easy tips for them to follow to ensure summer damage does not follow them into the winter.

Protect Your Skin from the Summer Sun

Sun protection during the summer is not optional: the harmful rays, no matter your skin tone, can produce cancerous cells in the body that can harm more than just your skin. Always recommend that your patients use a daily sunscreen and, if they plan on spending several hours in the sun, to wear a hat, visor or sunglasses to protect their delicate facial skin from any harm.

It is important to emphasize that tanning beds to even more damage than sitting on the beach all day. If you notice patients will extreme tans or know some who are members at tanning salons, educating them about the importance of sun protection and the dangers of exposing their skin to harmful rays (especially at such a concentrated and extreme level). It is easy to become addicted to the look of golden skin all year round, but tanning beds yield major skin damage in cancerous moles and premature aging.

Some Skincare Products can Worsen Burns and Increase Sun Exposure

Many skincare products now contain vitamin A derivatives, especially retinol, as they have proven to be effective in anti-aging, reversing sun damage and even boosting collagen production. However, these products are best used for nighttime skincare and heavily avoided in daytime products. Skincare manufacturers appeal to patients who are searching for all-day anti-aging products, but in truth retinol increases exposure to the sun, thereby aging skin even more rapidly.

Instead, suggest that your patients aim for all-natural products made to protect the skin during the day (this will work as anti-aging merely by providing protection) and opt for retinol or other vitamin A derivative products for nighttime care. This kind of education is what will help your patients become label-literate even outside of the grocery aisles.

Diet Matters

When your patients seem to be doing everything right with skincare and are still not seeing results they are looking for, it is always a good idea to assess their dietary habits. Diets high in fats, sugars and carbs typically yield unhealthy skin. You absolutely are what you eat, and everything put into your body has an affect on your health, your aging and especially your skin.

Suggesting that your patients explore a diet high in fresh fruits, leafy greens and proteins high in omega fatty acids (like salmon) may make all the difference in the look and feel of skin. Some fruit extracts, for example strawberry, has even shown to provide UVA protection when put directly on the skin. Exploring more natural options and something as seemingly obvious as diet and nutrition may be just the tip your patients need. Plus, they will surely be pleased when a change in diet shows improvement in other areas of their health as well.

Remove Dangerous Moles Before they Grow

Removing moles may be intimidating to many patients, especially if it does not seem urgent or necessary. However, precancerous growths may become malignant over time and with increased exposure, so opting for removal may be a preventative measure that can protect against melanoma completely.

It is important to offer an accurate diagnosis to your patients and be thorough with mole testing to ensure each person is receiving proper treatment, removal and after care instructions. Patients with precancerous moles also need more education on how to prevent more from appearing in the future. Assessing their overall skincare routine and evaluating how to improve their daily protection is important in keeping patients free from skin cancer in the long run.

Microneedling & Skin Resurfacing

There are procedures that are very effective in reversing sun damage and restoring not only the youthful texture of skin, but even the skin’s own ability to produce collagen. These treatments include many ablative and non-ablative laser-resurfacing procedures, but especially effective is microneedling.

Microneedling, especially with the Collagen P.I.N tool, provides restoration to the outer layer of skin, breaking down any damage that has been done, restoring even tone and pigmentation and removing sunspots and scarring. Over time, these microneedling treatments can help peel away years of aging and provide your patients with clear, damage-free, flawless skin.

How can you improve your practice?

Collagen P.I.N. is dedicated to providing the best microneedling device along with our premier line of skincare products, Induction Therapies. Our skincare products pair perfectly with microneedling treatments, protect the skin from aging and damage and are completely vegan, gluten free and paraben free.

If you would like to learn more about how Collagen P.I.N and Induction Therapies products can improve your practice and provide your patients with healthy, glowing skin, call us today: (877) 746-4407.

“I have performed many microneedling treatments with my Collagen P.I.N. and absolutely love it! I had purchased another micro-needling device prior, and had issues with it. The Collagen P.I.N. is a much stronger device, and is both cordless AND corded, which I absolutely adore. It’s very easy to use, and has such a broad spectrum of what it treats, and can be used on nearly anyone. The different cording and extra power abilities, combined with the multiple needle tip options, clearly makes this the device of choice, hands down!”
-Karen W – Medical Aesthetician, Dr. Marc Salzman

Next-Level Skincare: Products & Tips No One is Using, But Should Be

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Most people choose their skincare products based on whether they can feel it working. When you apply toner, does it burn? When you scrub your face, does your exfoliating product feel almost too harsh? Do your blemishes have an immediate adverse reaction to your spot treatment?

These all might be signs that the product you are using is working, but they also may not. We all become so easily accustomed to damaging our skin to induce improvement rather than strengthening its functions to avoid damage in the first place. We have some tips for you that can help you avoid the painful products and give your skin the healthy help it needs to become stronger, clearer and more youthful.

Go Vegan

Typically, vegan products contain more plant-based nutrients and ingredients that provide soothing and healing for the skin as well as natural anti-bacterial properties. They may not, however, guarantee that you are not damaging your skin. It is still important to read ingredients lists and know what you are putting in your body (or ask your physician to explain).

Vegan products might not ensure that you are keeping your skin from harsh chemicals, but they do promise that innocent animals are kept from dangerous testing and that we are contributing to the health of our planet. Part of becoming a more sustainable society includes reducing the amount of animals we raise merely for harm and slaughter, and far too many are being used to test dangerous products. Going vegan means a healthier planet and a healthier you.

Reduce Harsh Chemicals

Let’s talk parabens. So many of your skin care products likely contain parabens, unless you are aware of the risks you take by exposing your body to the chemical. While there is no guaranteed tie, there is a strong positive correlation between parabens and the development of breast cancer. Parabens are naturally estrogenic, and it has been proven that exposing yourself to external sources of estrogen may increase your risk of breast cancer. Avoiding these chemicals in your skincare products, something you put on your body daily, can prevent you from developing a fatal disease.

Use Induction Therapies

The Induction Therapies line of skin care products, microneedling gels, acne support and now makeup primer and sunscreen, uses all vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free (for our Celiac sufferers) ingredients to give patients the highest quality care without the harsh burn or environmental damage.

Induction Therapies has been dedicated to revolutionizing the skincare game and helping everyday men and women ditch the heavy concealers and show off supermodel-flawless skin. With a product line that supports anti-aging, post-procedural care and even breakouts, we cater to the patient who truly loves their skin.

Are you a physician? You can sell our Induction Therapies line of products with your very own customized label: our product, sold and branded in your practice’s name. Give your patients the quality products that they deserve. To learn more, call us today: (877) 746-4407.

Showdown: Injectables vs. Micro-needling

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When a patient comes to you with a desire for younger-looking skin, there are several treatment options you can offer. Rising in popularity are dermal injections and micro-needling — two procedures that are both effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Depending on a patient’s cosmetic goals, you may feel inclined to offer one treatment option over the other, and it’s important to choose the procedure that is going to meet your patient’s expectations. There are some significant differences between injectable treatments and micro-needling, which will help you determine the most effective solution for your patients. We’ve highlighted many of those differences here.

Immediate Results or Subtle Improvements Over Time?

Doctors and patients alike tend to appreciate the quick results of anti-wrinkle injections, many of which increase volume to the face the moment they are injected. This gives an impression of fast and efficient improvement that many patients enjoy receiving; however, most injections don’t improve the durability of the skin. Instead, injections act as a replacement for the volume that has been lost as we age. When the dermal filler wears off, the skin returns to its original appearance or has lost some of its previous elasticity.

Micro-needling, on the other hand, works with a patient’s natural growth factors to strengthen and add volume the skin so that it is able to keep improving over time. Although your patient may not see immediate results after their first treatment, their own skin is increasing its production of collagen and elastin, which continually refresh damaged skin cells and regenerate newer, healthier tissues. Micro-needling is designed to alter how your skin responds to the aging process so that it is able to rejuvenate on its own.

Extraneous Molecules or Natural Biology?

Dermal injections are comprised of several ingredients. Many are naturally found in the skin; however, they also have many other ingredients that can damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. While there is a low to moderate amount risk associated with receiving anti-wrinkle injections, your patients should remain cautious and ensure that they don’t have any allergies to the ingredients in the fillers being used.

Micro-needling stimulates your body’s own biological functions so that it’s able to improve your skin naturally. With Percutaneous Induction Needling (known as P.I.N.) offered at Induction Therapies, controlled micro-injuries are created within the skin that stimulate your natural growth factors, allowing the dermis to thicken over time and protecting it from the aging process. The treatment creates micro-channels that allow topical solutions easier access into the dermis and with the right skin care regimen, can enhance the skin’s collagen and elastin production processes.

Micro-needling is becoming a popular treatment option because it acts as a preventative solution to aging. Where injectable treatments only provide short-term results, micro-needling provides continual improvements over time. Both dermal injections and micro-needling treatments can be combined to produce an all-encompassing form of rejuvenation and achieve immediate and long-term results simultaneously.

If you are interested in knowing more about the micro-needling treatment with the Collagen P.I.N. (a corded and cordless device), contact Induction Therapies at 877-746-4407 and ask about setting up a demonstration.

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